A History of Dubai Northern Elite FC!

Originally, in 2002, it was a BJ services team with Mr C Topp and D Grimley extending an invitation... (many thanks). This was then converted to a BHI team run by another Big Joe (Fraser of BHI)

In 2003 Joe moved back to the UK and Satch / Steveo / Jimbo dreamed up the concept of an Aberdeen based fan club team to take the BHI slot in the league. Davey approved of this, and Pentagon Freight came in with Sponsorship. Big thanks to Pentagon for their involvement in the club (kits, monthly fees, bags, t-shirts, etc). Jimbo (our own local Joey Harper) suggested the name Northern Elite. All agreed "nice one". The club was born in 2003, and badges were designed by Hannah and Iain Mearns.

The goal of the club is big laughs for all! The crack is excellent with some footie thrown in. It is not just Aberdeen fans involved with the club, we have supporters of all clubs (Aston Villa, Everton, Rangers, Dundee, Chelsea, Brechin City to name a few).

There were plans to take it further and develop a supporters club for AFC. We are registered as a supporters club at Pittodrie but we have not really moved forward with this yet. We are looking for someone to develop the AFC supporters side of the Northern Elite? Any takers?


The Dubai Northern Elite team has touched many lives already: A few ex players to mention good memories of them all
  • Steveo Munroe nutter, temper like a woman on the rag, in Houston now.
  • Tony Bokas BJ services, strong and fit, heart of a lion - Houston
  • Andy Moncur huge guy with a great touch and scoring ability London now
  • Chris Moncur Peter Crouch look alike scored goals London?
  • Wayne Symons very fast with an excellent shot and engine Doha Qatar
  • Paul Bean Pentagon watch the speed of the game 1st night never came back
  • Laser Lee brilliant vocal keeper - Aby Dhaby sisters and Kajagoogoo hair. Now on TV.
  • Jack (Theo Snelders) brilliant keeper now at Villa or something?
  • Bragge Johanessen Big Thor strong as an ox but had a bad back
  • Jostein Vestvik Maldini quality defender with a brilliant touch
  • Iain Mearns spotted at Harry Potter premier, oranges, Leg blow out, brilliant player - Aberdeen
  • Robbie McArthur always promised to play, put the kit on for pic, bad back no games.
  • Eddie Rattray Great winger, fit and helped out many times.
  • Prince Will and Butler Harry flicked the ball everywhere, Brazilians but $hite
  • Johnny Mair great midfielder, always calls if in town on Mon night to help out
  • Rob Pirie - Oman

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